Management Planning and Ethics Paper

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Management Planning and Ethics Paper
University of Phoenix
Management: Theory, Practice and
Application; MGT/330
Robert Venti M. Ed
July 6, 2005

Management Planning and Ethics Paper

In an article titled Putting Teeth in Corporate Ethics Codes author Amey Stone discusses valid points on ethics in a financial business environment. Most if not all company's have an ethics code in place to help enforce corporate governance. This helps to enforce Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Chief Executive Tom Wamberg said "If you don't have something to stand up to and look to, you could easily give a slap on the wrist and say, 'Don't do it again'" (2004, It is not so easy to enforce ethics as Wamberg is stating. Companies are taking ethics more seriously since big companies like Enron are taking a fall. At&t Wireless takes measures to ensure that every employee abides by the companies social responsibility. This paper will discuss in detail the efforts made by the company.

New regulatory requirements are requiring listed companies to distribute a printed code of ethics to their employees and to display them publicly to their vendors, upper management and employees. At At&t Wireless the code of ethics is available through the companies intranet. The company has the associate's review the code of ethics and sign a statement that indicates the employee has read and will abide by the code as a condition of their employment. The new regulatory requirements partly came about due to high profile cases where corporate misconduct and misrepresentation of financial records and ethics where brought to light. Most companies are re-evaluating their codes to ensure that they are detailed and very specific. "Businesses are adding enforcement measures, including guidelines for employees to follow if they see violations." (2004, At At&t, management has set repercussions that can occur if an employee's ethics are subject to an internal...
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