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The primary motive for organizations to do strategic planning is to learn and to make decisions about the future of the organization based on that learning. There are many specific reasons for an organization to initiate a strategic planning process, including the following: •To give the organization better control over external forces •To serve as a tool for decision making and resource allocation •To bring everyone together in the organization so that they are on the same wavelength •To raise board members’ awareness of current issues and operations •To reawaken and motivate key people within the organization •To position the agency for a merger or joint venture

To create a document suitable for fundraising and public relations •To increase morale within an organization and develop a sense of trust and cohesion •To set the stage for the organization to make a "quantum leap" to a new level of program development or functioning •To relate organizational capacity to community need.

Strategic planning is a partnership between board and staff. Both groups participate equally in the planning process and provide important insights and information. In addition to helping develop the plan, the board of directors provides final approval for the plan and holds itself and staff accountable for the expected results.

Has your organization’s strategic plan been communicated to you? If so, how and by whom? If not, how would such communication improve your organizational effectiveness? Is it important for employees to know the strategic plan of a company? Why or why not?

What things should be taken into consideration in the creation of a roadmap for a strategic plan? What are examples of external and internal change agents? What role do change agents play in the execution of a road map for a strategic plan?
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