Management of Technology Resources

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Case Study Title

March 10, 2013
MGMT 408 Management of Technology Resources
Instructor: Professor Robert Burdwell


Midsouth Chamber of Commerce or MSCC has existed since the 1900’s. The Midsouth area was highly dependent on transportation systems and as a result of legislative decisions, many communities in the Midsouth area could not gain access to reasonable transportation services (Brown, Dehayes, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins). This organization has withstood many changes, and it started originally as a lobbing body for transportation access issues. Then it grew in the 1930s to encompass issues that affect business such as state banking laws, industrial development, and business taxes. By the mid-1900s, MSCC, under the new leadership of President Jack Willingford, became an aggressive advocacy organization for the business community (Brown, Dehayes, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins)
As most business they knew that proper investment in the Information systems and Information Technology is the best way to go but they dropped the ball when it came to proper investing, they either didn’t realize or ignored the problems from the start, and there was almost no resolution and never addressed them the right way and never changed their management to comply with the changes. The correct solution is to always employ someone to specific lead the IS business function, which was done when Lassiter purchased workstations and custom software that had limited functionality. Despite of the differences between Lassiter and Wilson, both recognized that there were many revenue-producing opportunities the MSCC could pursue that would require a much higher level of information system use. Wilson managed to hire a systems analyst to increase the MSCC’s capabilities. However, the problem with the system analyst is that he lack experience in a membership organization like the MSCC or with accounting software.

References: Brown, C. V., Dehayes, D. W., Hoffer, J. A., Martin, W. E., & Perkins, W. C. (n.d.). Managing Information Technology, 7th Ed. New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc.

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