Management of Psu-Binmaley Campus Library Towards a More Effective Library Service

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Background of the Study

The library is a depository of knowledge and center of educational system, books, journals, microfilms, audio and visual materials, computers, are kept and organized to support the cultural, informational, recreational and educational needs of the general public or specific groups of users. Recent advances in computers and communication technologies have transformed the contemporary library. With the emergence of high technology, the library is not only considered a repository but also an active member in a vast network of libraries and data banks through which users have access to a world wide store of recorded knowledge.

A library is more than a place of books, films and records. Basically, it is a place conducive to gathering of ideas and information put in order and shared by different groups of people like teachers, and students, youngsters and the elderly, the professional, politician, businessman, policemen, biologist and more. Each group, each person has different library needs. No one-library can handle all needs, there are different kinds of libraries that can share materials with each other. No two libraries are exactly alike but some have in common than others.

The heart of any library is it’s collection of books and bound magazines, but a library is more than a static collection of volumes. Learning to use the library intelligently will lead to a more exciting, less monotonous and most importantly for a richer life.

Libraries in institutions of higher learning – academic libraries – are as varied and distinctive as the institutions which they serve. There are the libraries in community colleges and in four-year colleges, and there are the central libraries in the universities and the more specialized libraries in the colleges within the universities like the Pangasinan State University-Binmaley Campus.

Academic libraries like PSU-BC library differ from each other in...
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