management of change

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Management of change
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Dislike to change- addressing this reason for resistance to change the management need to communicate the change to the workforce early in advance. The management should explain the change in details to the workers that will be affected (Cameron, 2012). Communicating change in advance will help those prepare both physically and mentally for the change and hence they will be calmer. Discomfort with uncertainty- to address this reason for resistance to change the management should help their employees to come into terms or embrace uncertainty. The management will achieve this through organizing seminars to educate its workforce the need to embrace uncertainty (Gerth, 2013). The management can also deal with this reason to resistance to change by informing the employees in advance what will come with the change. By so doing the workers will be ready and comfortable to face the uncertainty that comes with change.

Perceived negative effects on interests- to reduce resistance to change due to this reason, the management should inform the workforce the individual, departmental and the organizational benefits that the change will bring about (Cameron, 2012). The employee will therefore be receptive to change as they will know the impacts of their job. Attachment to established culture/ways of doing things: to overcome this huddle, the management should fully involve the employees in all the aspects of change that they can handle. Let them contribute on the new ways of doing things. Let them own the change process as this will encourage them to accept the change (Cameron, 2012). Perceived breach of psychological contract: here the management should allow their employees to a self-actualization psychological contract during the change period as this will assure them that the expected change won’t breach psychological contract with the employer (Cameron, 2012). Lack of conviction that change...
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