Management of Ability, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Ethics

Topics: Organization, Management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: April 21, 2006
Organizational behavior is the study of the many factors that have an impact on how people and groups act, think, feel, and respond to work and organizations and how organizations respond to their environments. The study of organizational behavior can improve and change individual, group, and organizational behavior to attain individual, group and organizational goals. The focus of this paper will be to analyze the management of ability, organizational commitment and job satisfaction, and organizational ethics in the FMC Aberdeen and Green River facilities. In analyzing the ability of management of Aberdeen, it is clear to see that this facility is best described as relaxed. In organizations, ability can be managed by selecting individuals who have the necessary skills to accomplish tasks, placing employees in jobs that capitalize on their abilities and training employees to enhance their ability level (George & Jones, 61). Aberdeen was founded on family values instead of as a factory. It was based on the principle of participative management, trust of the workers, and respect for the individual (Clawson, 3). Bob Lancaster (Plant manager 1985-1987) managed in a style that eliminated fear in his employees. Management made their employees feel trusted and instilled a self-sufficient system where peer management was utilized to promote unity and comfort. Although Green River is a much larger organization, Keith Dailey can proceed to utilize such a managing style, attempting to function and organize his facility in a manner that demonstrates trust and a personal desire of his workers to help his facility stand out in the market. Dailey, as a manager, should proceed to monitor these activities and promote the ideas of trust and creativity instead of the normal fear and resentment most workers feel. Allowing advice, input and suggestions from his workers and implementing them will give the teams a greater sense of "belonging" to the organization.

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