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Management can be defined as the effective and efficient coordination of resources in order to achieve desired objectives. It is the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and controlling resources such as human beings, material, time and money to accomplish organizational mission. All organizations have objectives that are the desired targets that the manager hopes to achieve. The primary purpose of management is to convert resources into results. A resource by itself is nothing, it remains sterile until it is managed to provide the results. A result is the consequence of purposeful activity, which is management. A manager must therefore, plan, organize, direct and coordinate activities to convert the sterile and inert resources into product resources (the desired objectives). Management is therefore, the action of getting things done through people. It means optimizing the use of human and material resources for the attainment of desired objectives. In its effort to fulfill its functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling, the field of management has borrowed extensively from different disciplines namely psychology, sociology, mathematics and decision sciences.

Art refers to the way of doing specific things. It is the skill in conducting any human activity. Art indicate how an object can be achieved. According to George R.Terry 1980 Art is bringing about of a desired through the application of skill. Art is therefore, a skilful application of knowledge which entirely depends on the inherent capacity of a person and is learned from practice and experience. Art is concerned with the understanding of how a particular work can be accomplished. In this sense, management is certainly an art as manager uses his skill, knowledge and experience in solving various problems that arise in the working of his enterprise successful. Earnest Dale (). Management is considered as...
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