Management Information Systems

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Unit -1
System Analysis and Design - An overview: System study - System design -Development and Implementation testing and conversion.

Unit - 2
Management Information System - An overview: Management Information System concept - Evolution and clement of MIS - Definition - characteristics and basic requirements of MIS - Structure of MIS - Computerised MIS - Approaches of MIS development - Pre-requisites of an effective MIS.

Computers and its effect on MIS - Limitations of MIS - MIS vs data processing - MIS and decision support system - MIS and information resource management - Executive information and decision support system - Artificial intelligence and expert system — MIS in Indian organizations - Recent development in information technology.

Computes and communication - An overview: The information technology - The concept of Global village—On-line information services — Electrical bulletin board systems - The internet, electronic mail, interactive video - Communication Channels - Communication networks - Local are networks — Wide area network - Video conferencing.

Client / Server Computing: Communication servers - Digital networks — Electronic data interchange and its applications - Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP Systems) - Inter-organisational information system - Value added networks - Networking.

Unit- 6
Electronics Commerce and Internet: E-commerce bases - E-Commerce and Internet Application of internet and website management

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System Development Stages

In order to develop a system successfully, it is managed by breaking the total development process into smaller basic activities or phases. Any system development process, in general, is understood to have the following phases. ➢ Investigation

➢ Analysis
➢ Design
➢ Construction
➢ Implementation and
➢ Maintenance
A brief description of the above - mentioned stages is discussed as follows.

A). System Investigation

Some problem may be bothering a business organisation. The managers in the organisation (user) may or may not be very clear about the problem. The user may invite a system analyst or information analyst (consultant) to assist him/her in defining and resolving the problem in a clear way.

Preliminary investigation is the first step in the system development project. The preliminary investigation is a way of handling the user's request to change, improve or enhance an existing system. The objective is to determine whether the request is valid and feasible before any recommendation is made to do nothing, improve or modify the existing system, or build altogether a new one. It is not a design study, nor docs it include the collection of details to completely describe the business system. The following objectives should be accomplished, while working on Ihe preliminary investigation. System investigation includes the following two sub-stages.

(i) Problem definition, and
(ii) Feasibility study.

Problem Definition

Although the need for problem definition may seem obvious, this is perhaps the most frequently bypassed step in the entire system development process. So the first responsibility of a system analyst is to prepare a written statement of the objectives and scope of the problem. Based on interviews with the user, the analyst writes a brief description of his/her understanding of the problem, and reviews it with both groups, ideally in a joint...
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