Management Information Systems

Topics: Supply chain management, Manufacturing resource planning, Electronic Product Code Pages: 3 (704 words) Published: June 5, 2011
MIS – Chapter 3
1)What is a supply chain? What is the purpose of supply chain management systems?
A Supply chain is a structure of organizations, people, equipment, actions, information and supply involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. In its elementary from, a supply chain consists of three main phases: procurement of raw equipment, processing the equipment into middle and complete supplies, and release of the supplies to the client. Supply chain management systems are information technologies that hold SCM. In the other terms, SCM systems’ purpose is reducing manufacturing costs, including the costs of organization resources and calculating inventory 3)What is relationship between CAD and CAM systems?

The connection between CAD and CAM is that you can import a CAD drawing straight the software to CAM. With computer-aided design (CAD), engineers can use computers o change design quickly and store drawing by machine. Then they do much of this process over the Internet: do remote conferences while screening and developing plans and drawings mutually. The electronic drawings are then accessible to make rapid prototype. When the prototypes are acceptable, the electronic drawing and material specifications can be transferred from CAD systems to Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems. This systems process the data to train machines, as well as robots, how to produce the parts and collect the product. 5)What is time to market? How have ISs affected time to market?

The time among generating an idea for a product and carrying out a prototype that can be mass-manufactured is famous as engineering lead time or called time to market. Minimizing lead time to the key to maintain a spirited edge: it leaves competitors lacking time to set up their own products first. ISs can add significantly to this effort. Over the past two decades, auto manufactures have used engineering and other ISs to reduce the time from product concept to...
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