Management Information System of Dhaka Bank

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Origin of the report:
Our course instructor of Management Information System (MIS 405), Sharmin Islam, orally authorized the task of preparing this report by a group consists of five students at the middle of the semester. We have chosen our group members independently. Our course instructor gave the topic of our report.

1.2 Purpose:
The purpose of the report is to show the Information Systems of a bank in Bangladesh. It is a major part of our course requirement to learn about Information Systems. The findings of this report will help a reader to have a clear idea about the company, Management and Decision making, Information Systems, Information Technology Infrastructure and perception of different people about the company’s information systems etc.

1.3 Scope:
We have done this report on the “Information Systems of a Bank in Bangladesh. We have chosen a bank which names Dhaka Bank. So, this report is only appropriate for Dhaka Bank. Other than this, the report will not work at all. The report tries to show a quick look of the company, which includes company mission statement, Information Systems, Information Technology Infrastructure and perception of different people about the company’s information systems and so on.

1.4 Limitations:
Dhaka Bank beings the one of the leading Banking companies in Bangladesh, it has some competitors within the country. So, it was quite difficult to collect the in-depth information for company secrecy. Again our access was limited to the junior officers other than the management level. One more important limitation for preparing the report was time. As it is a large company it was difficult to collect all the information in such a short time and also the limitation of cost didn’t permit us to do so. If we had some more time, we could have prepared the report much better than we did.

1.5 Sources and Methods of Collecting Data:
The methodology followed in this report is based on both primary and secondary sources. The required information for the introductory and descriptive part has been collected by Discussing and briefing by the officials of Dhaka Bank

Searching the web-site of Dhaka Bank
Reading Books

1.6 Key Words:
DBL – Dhaka Bank Ltd
IS – Information Systems
IT – Information Technology
CBIS – Computer Based Information Systems
FID – Finance & Investment Division
CAD – Central Accounts Division
O&SD – Operations & Supply Division
HRD – Human Resource Division
PBD – Personal Banking Division
CD – Credit Division

ID - Investment Division
ITD – Information Technology Division
AD - Audit Division
SD – Share Division
RAD – Risk Analysis Division

1.7 The report preview
The report is actually divided into three parts. These are
The introductory parts
The report body
Concluding parts

In the following pages of this report, the present scenario of Information Systems of Dhaka Bank is described briefly. Our report starts with the brief overview about the company.

Then we will focus on the topic of our main interest, Information Systems of Dhaka Bank. There, we will discus about nature of the IS, IT department and infrastructure, and how different people perceiving the company’s IS. Finally we will mention the findings of the report.


We are taking this privilege to deliver our gratefulness to each and every people who are involved with us in every phase of our lives. Firstly, with Almighty Allah, we are grateful to our parents without whom we cannot be here. They were beside us in every single situation and are still with us. Without the support of our parents, we could not be able to achieve our objectives and goals. Then we are thankful and grateful to our all teachers. They were always there with our parents and gave us all the needed education, manners, all the important lessons to live a perfect and honest life. We are grateful to our...
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