Management Information System Discussion Question Ch1.1. What Does the Word "Processing" in Date Processing Mean? Data Processing Changes and Manipulates the Data in the Is. the Computer's Speed and Accuracy Enable

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1. what does the word "processing" in date processing mean?

Data processing changes and manipulates the data in the IS. The computer's speed and accuracy enable organizations to process million of pieces of date in several seconds.

2. Give three examples in which raw data also serve as useful information. Three examples of raw data served as useful information can be a customer's age, gender, and his/ her annual income in a target market survey for a marketing company.

3. Give three business examples (not mentioned in the text) of data that must be processed to provide useful information.

If a fashion designer wants to learn the newest trend in China of age group between 20 to 30, the data needed to be processed as information will be lists of colors, styles, and fabric materials.

4. Give three examples of subsystems not operating in the context of IT. Why are these considered subsystems and not systems?

A boutique store has two sales associates, one buyer, and a manager. The sales team deals with customers, buyer is responsible of buying merchandise, and the manager is in charge of organizing the team and finance of the store. All these roles are considered subsystems of a larger system which is the boutique business. Systems usually consist of many subsystems. Subsystems contribute the subgoals to meet the main goal of a system.

5. How do TPSs and DSSs differ?

Transaction processing system's main function is to record data collected at the boundaries of organizations with other parties or within the organizations. On the other hand, decision support system help find the optimal course of action. DSSs is programmed to process raw data, make comparisons, and generate information to help professionals choose the best alternatives.

6. What is a problem? Give an example of a business problem and discuss how a computer-based...
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