Management Information System and Business Strategy

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Who said that Technology was designed to make our lives easier? This is what we are being led to believe. But is it truly the case? In today's society many people are finding it harder to concentrate on the job, at home or school because of the constant information flow. We are now required to continuously educate ourselves with the latest technological tools making it more challenging to focus on accomplishing the mission. Module 1 Case states, “Information overload! The phrase alone is enough to strike terror into the hardiest of managers; it presages the breakdown of society as we know it and the failure of management to cope with change.” During this module I will discuss information overload and how it has become a problem requiring additional time and energy to research information that may not be necessary. I will also discuss how we people should deal with information overload by limiting the amount of time they spend on information tools learning to organize what they learn. ANALYSIS

Search Engines provide us with a wealth of information. Information that we need and information we don’t need. This causes us to become inundated with more information than we can use. Networked Information should simplify and expedite our research time. For some this is not always true. The information available on the internet is overwhelming. Blair, A. states, “It takes only one or two pages of Google hits to overwhelm the average reader.” This is true in so many ways. For example, someone searching for a particular subject will first be bombarded with many links relating to his subject. The user will also receive unrelated pop-ups for advertisements causing other window browsers to open for viewing. These distractions are preventing you from focusing on initial search results. Next thing you know there is information coming at you through numerous open links and you find yourself closing pop-ups as quickly as new ones appear. This...
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