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Project Name: Management Information System Project Project Subject : Sport Data Software Presenter Name: Hussein Jumaa Submitted To: Dr. Walid Najjar Department: Physical Education( Sports Management ) Description Sport Data Software is designed Sport Software for Data and Information system about martial arts Events, Data base, Team, Clubs and Players around the world connected with the World Federation of Each Sport. Project Goals  Importance of MIS in our Life  MIS and Roles in our professional life and work field  MIS helps to Organize and Manage Sports Events and Information Team/Resources  World Federation of all Martial Arts Sports  World Karate Federation

1. Abstract 2. What is MIS? 3. Importance of MIS in Organization 4. What is Sport Data Software ? MIS Project Page 1

3. Importance of MIS in Organization 4. What is Sport Data Software ? 5. Why Sport Data Software ? System Components:            Sport Data Software Service Charges Sport Data Event Technology Set Online Platform Statistics, Event Archive and online shops Event Manager Online Help References Partners Keep up to Date Downloads

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This Project is going to represent the role of Management Information System (MIS) in world of Sports. MIS acquires a high level of importance in processing business operations, decision making and coordination between different business functions in sports . This project will focus on role of MIS in Organization management, and will shows the advantages it will offer. The main objective of this paper is to show on a major system used in organizations called Sports Data Event Technology . This project includes information about sport data technology that are researched, and information that are gathered.

2-What is MIS

Management Information System (MIS) provides good information for organizations and managers, and before get to explain this big term as a one entity, each term need to be determined aside. System is a set of combined parts that work as a single unit; it is composed of common standards and rules, it represents the plan or way to follow in order to do anything. Data has no value or meaning without applying them into a system that will extract information from the data to take decision. Information is knowledge, it is an important element for individuals and group works to achieve education or to do work in these days. Information is data which are facts and figures. Therefore information is a basic and critical resource in any organization. Management can be defined as organizing, planning and controlling any operation. It is a process of allocating organization‟s assets, in order of having a good production of product or services. Management will be always more accurate and efficient as long as it depends on knowledge to get factual data. MIS as a whole term are combinations of hardware and software, and used to process information. In any business organization MIS is being applied in different management levels and in all functions with appropriate information based on data from both internal and external sources, to help managers deal with business challenges and try to solve them such as market challenges, national challenges and international challenges. Also MIS systems provide another interesting feature which is forecasting or prediction. It helps organizations to test and examine its business strategies by using simulation program that runs “What if?” scenarios. 3-Importance of MIS in Organization In modern age, management depends entirely on information to successes in every field of business. Access to information became the key element for power in organizations, which help them to develop their resources. The usage of MIS will lead to better usage of information which leads to better planning, better decision making and better results. MIS is a special oriented system which is useful for management in any...
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