Management Information System

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Question No
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1 (a)
Define Management Information System? How it is important for an organization? Explain. 1-4
1 (b)
Define System. What are the different types of Systems? Explain with examples. 5-6
List and explain all types of business information systems.
Briefly the below terminology with an example
i. Data Warehouse
ii. Data Mining
iii. On-line Analytic Processing (OLAP)
iv. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
5 (b)
List and briefly explain the three level of Decision Support System technology. 28
5 (c)
List down th stepd on how Decision Support System is developed. 28-30
5 (d)
Briefly Explain
ii. EIS
6 (a)
Explain with example the stage in System Development Life Cycle 35-36
6 (b)
How Rapid Application Development (RAD) can system development in an organization? 37-38


Question 1
a. Define Management Information System? How it is important for an organization? Explain. Definition: Management Information Systems (MIS) is the term given to the discipline focused on the integration of computer systems with the aims and objectives on an organisation. The development and management of information technology tools assists executives and the general workforce in performing any tasks related to the processing of information. MIS and business systems are especially useful in the collation of business data and the production of reports to be used as tools for decision making. Systems (MIS), are information systems, typically computer based, that are used within an organization. WordNet described an information system as a system consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization. Components that collect, manipulate, and disseminate data or information, people, communications systems such as telephone lines, and the data itself. The activities involved include inputting data, processing of data into information, storage of data and information, and the production of outputs such as management reports.Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems, and Executive Information Systems. (MIS) A computer system, usually based on a mainframe or minicomputer, designed to provide management personnel with up-to-date information on an organisation's performance, e.g. inventory and sales. These systems output information in a form that is useable by managers at all levels of the organisation: strategic, tactical, and operational. The term system in MIS implies order, arrangement and purpose. The information can be used for various purposes: strategic planning

delivering increased productivity
reducing service cycles
reducing product development cycles
reducing marketing life cycles
increasing the understanding of customers’ needs
facilitating business and process re-engineering

Applications of MIS
With computers being as ubiquitous as they are today, there's hardly any large business that does not rely extensively on their IT systems. However, there are several specific fields in which MIS has become invaluable.

Strategy Support
While computers cannot create business strategies by themselves they can assist management in understanding the effects of their strategies, and help enable effective decision-making. MIS systems can be used to transform data into information useful for decision making. Computers can provide financial statements and performance reports to assist in the planning, monitoring and implementation of strategy. MIS systems provide a valuable function in that they can collate into coherent reports unmanageable volumes of data that would otherwise be broadly useless to decision makers. By studying these reports decision-makers can identify patterns and trends that would have remained unseen if the raw data were consulted manually. MIS systems can also use these raw data to run simulations – hypothetical scenarios that answer a range of ‘what...
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