Management Information System

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I. Overview
Bosay Resort was originated from a Waray term "Bosay” which means waterfalls. A swimming pool, just like any waterfall chills the body which enables an individual to loosen up uncertainties for a while. Early 2007, it was first exhibited as a cock farm. Since the place is suitable for some developments, the board of directors improved the place into a resort. On April 2007, the members of the corporation started renovating the plain cock farm into a heavenly paradise resort.

Fortunately, the idea of a perfect get-away to relieve their minds from the hectic and city life stressful moments is just minutes away from the Metro. Bosay Resort is found at the sprawling 3 hectares (appx. 30,000 sq. meters) mountainous terrain along Marigman Road in Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City, Philippines. The corporation’s purposes of innovation of this place are for attraction of tourists from inside and outside of Antipolo and for giving job to unemployed people.

Bosay Resort is one of the best place to have a relaxation and to spend more bonding time with your family and friends. Anyone can fully enjoy swimming since it is built with one of a kind landscape setting with nature and the living trees carry out fresh air as you breathe. The fascinating sound of the bird as they flew will stimulate your senses for tranquility of a seventh heaven while the Videoke compromises the need for entertainment during celebrations.

The Resort’s vision is to be recognized as number one tourist destination in Rizal and Metro Manila by continuously motivating and training their employees, bringing 100 percent satisfaction and quality service to their guest.

To fulfill the vision of the said resort they also have the mission to provide the guest a remarkable experience of comfort and pleasure in which 100 percent satisfaction is their best reference.

Their mission is to provide the guests the 100 percent satisfaction, the resort accomplishes systems that will lead to organized and managed information effectively.

II. Company Background
The departments they have are as follows:

Operational Department .This system is designed on processing day-to-day transactions and is performed efficiently and the integrity of the transactional data is preserved. It includes the following systems: Reservation System; it  is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information related to reservation made by the guest. Next is the Inquiry System; It is used for determining behavior, problem solving, decision-making for inquiry purposes. Another is the Guest Entry System. Then the Information System. Which is used to persuade, inform, educate and entertain the guest. Lastly, Cash Handling System to keep track of income and expenses.

Emergency Service Department .The Department that supervises the safety and rescue for the guest. The resort uses CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras for surveillance and security systems.

Payroll Department. The Department that handles the payment of their employees and is used to compute the gross and net wages and salaries of all employees, to produce pay slips, cheques and/or listings sent to banks instructing them to make payments and to account for all statutory and non-statutory deductions.

III. Statement of the Problem
The researchers conceived this study with the intention to create an MIS Department for Bosay Resort to support and improve their management strategies.

General Problem:
Bosay Resort is experiencing some data inconsistencies and redundancies due to the absence of MIS. Specific Problem
The Resort is having a problem in reservation of guests because of duplication of data. The Resort is having a hard time in searching for record availabilities. The Resort is having difficulties in keeping and tracking of records. The Resort is having a problem with regards to processing a real-time or up-to-date information. The Resort is having...
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