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Necessity and importance of System design in MIS

System design is a very important tool because when you are starting business you are dealing with both monetary and legal aspects. Suppose take an example of constructing Taj Mahal in the recent age if you don’t design and straight away construct it what are the impacts of it. : Necessity of MIS is basically for information which could be the main reason for success hence MIS is a necessitySystem design is a very important tool because when you are starting business you are dealing with both monetary and legal aspects. Necessity of MIS is basically for information which could be the main reason for success hence MIS is a necessity. The systems design phase is generally broken into two subphases, top-level design and detailed design. Top-level design consists of the identification of the major system components and their functions. In order to specify the top-level design, a number of alternative system design concepts are synthesized and evaluated in terms of a variety of selection criteria, which include cost (implementation, operation and maintenance), performance, satisfaction of requirements, development risk, flexibility for expansion/upgrading, and political acceptability. The important aspect of top-level design is to present several feasible solutions to the system managers and users, to describe their advantages and disadvantages, and to obtain a consensus on a preferred design concept. An example of a design decision is the decision concerning which functions should be implemented using computers and which should be manual (e.g., should data collected at a regional level and needed at a central level be transmitted via the Internet (e.g., virtual private network or e-mail) or hand-carried on a memory stick).  Detailed design consists of specifying all of the system components and functions in detail. In the detailed design phase, decisions are made concerning what data elements are to be collected,...
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