Management Information System

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The aim of this assignment is to produce a report about the Management Information System used within the organization of my choice.

The organization I choose is Starbucks Coffee Company ltd, where I have been working for the last two years as a Shift Manager.

The aim of this report is to identify two Management Information Systems used in Starbucks and how the MIS facilitate problem solving.

This report describes hardware and software used to obtain, store and analyze data.

The last part of the report includes possible weakness in the company’s system, how they could be resolved and what possible training could be provided to help staff to cope with new technologies.

Report based on Management Information System

A Management Information System (MIS) is a computer system designed to help managers to plan and direct business, with organizational operations, provide reports and access to company data.

In different organizations can be found different types of systems that meet specific business requirements.

There are four major types of systems:

• TPS (Transaction Processing System) is a basic business system that serves the organization’s operational level.

• DSS (Decision Support System) serves management level with data, analysis for making decisions.

• ESS (Executive Support System) provides communication that serves the organization’s strategic level.

• Management Information system serves mainly Middle Managers.

Starbucks Coffee Company ltd uses a Management information system called IRIS.

IRIS stands for Intelligent Restaurant Information System.

This tool provides the Managers with the information needed to run a successful business.

The IRIS System is made up of two components:

1. The Point of Sale System (POS) or front of house till system; in addition to regular register functions offers some functions to be accessed only by Store Manager(SM), Assistant Manager(ASM) and Shift Supervisor(SS), with the correct security level.

2. The Manager Work Station (MWS) or back of house computer system compiles and reports all store information to effectively manage all aspects of store business.

It displays all the different functions available on the Information System (IRIS), some of which are only accessible by partners with the correct security which consists in typing the correct username and password.

The Point of sale consists in two touch screen tills used by deployed partners that need to insert their username and specific password before to start.

From the Point of sale, managers can access different manager’s functions menu, such as paid in and Paid Out, and Refund to customers.

These manager functions are security measures for cash management and inventory control in the store.

Paid in and paid out occurs when money is taken from the till to buy items necessary for the store operations and/or any kind of emergency.

Other functions such as Cash Skim, Void transactions or refunds occur when money is given back due to complaints or customers are returning faulty merchandise.

The point of sale is used also to record wastage.

In conclusion, most Point of sale functions are related to customer service, sales, refunds, discounts, voids.

By ringing items through the tills, data such as time, customer transaction, quantity of food and drinks sold, quantity of wasted items, are transferred to the Management Work Station where data are stored, analysed and produced in form of reports, graphic, charts or diagrams.

The Manager Work Station can be accessed in the office where there is a computer connected to the intranet, a private communication channel for employees to access the organization network that resembles the internet.

To access the system it is required to sign in with a password and the partners ID.

The system recognises security level and allows accessing the...

Bibliography: • Notes of Chris Skipp
• Operation manual from Starbucks
• Notes of David Thompson (Managers functions)
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