Management Information System

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Management Information Systems, Sixth Edition
by Effy Oz

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Business Information Systems:

It is likely that you are carrying or using an information system. This is so if you have an advanced mobile phone, a handheld electronic device, or a laptop computer. Information systems pervade almost every aspect of our lives. Whether you are withdrawing money from a bank’s automatic teller machine or surfing the Web on your cell phone, hardly a day goes by without our feeding data into, or using information generated by, an information system. In business especially, digital information systems generate most of the information we use. These systems have become essential to successful business operations. When you finish this chapter, you will be able to: Explain why information technology matters. Define digital information and explain why digital systems are so powerful and useful. Explain why information systems are essential to business. Describe how computers process data into useful information for problem solving and decision making. Identify the functions of different types of information systems in business. Describe careers in information technology. Identify major ethical and societal concerns created by widespread use of information technology.

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GARDENERS+: Business Systems and Information
Mary, Amanda, and Ed could not believe what they accomplished in the three months since they obtained their small business loan for their gardening business, Gardeners+. They had made many decisions and solved many problems.

Generating Business Information
Mary distributed the flyers to several hundred houses in the surrounding area. She also placed ads in three local newspapers and magazines. Julian passed out a few dozen business cards to friends and acquaintances. Amanda made some additional adjustments to the software configuration, and Mary continued to use the business suite’s word processing program to create ads, basic forms, and the business stationery. Ed prepared a few spreadsheets to help him keep track of sales, revenues, expenses, taxes, and profit. One critical piece of software was Amanda’s system, which processed the business transactions and tracked clients’ subscriptions and gardeners’ contracts....
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