Management Information System

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Chapter I


This chapter covers the introduction, review of related literatures and studies, synthesis, conceptual framework, statement of the problem, hypothesis significant of the study, scope and delimitations and definitions of terms.


Despite the vast improvements in information technology, computers (on which modern IT is based) cannot as yet, take over business management. However, management information systems have transformed the effectiveness, power and efficiency of management.

Based on business management software, the proponents looked at surface aspects of how modern management information systems help businesses. The researcher’s saw how computers speed up and improved the quality of operations. The proponents also mentioned the existence of broad categories of business software - office suites, functional software such as accounting and inventory, and industry software such as retail management software. In this research, the proponents seek to look more analytically at the role of information management systems. The idea to use Biometrics as primary attendance monitoring will improve in compiling an accurate attendance monitoring for their staff’s in an easier way. In addition to the this study the proponents added a hardware that will help and simplify the transactions between their staff’s in their daily time records which would help the company in computing and having an accurate computations on the staff’s attendance and payrolls. The OngVille commercial complex under Southern OngVille Corporation was located at Racelis Ave. Lucban Quezon and was owned by Antonio Ong and Precina Ong. The said business started 18th of December 2010. As the time goes by they already established the name OngVille Commercial Complex by the year 2011. They also had 13 tenants plus their own grocery store with 29 employees under the store manager Joan Espeleta.

Review of Related Literatures and Studies

This serves as an overview of the proposed system. It contains different Literature and Studies from both local and foreign resources related to the present study and some of unpublished undergraduate studies, books, and magazines and other yet known to be with a comprehensive analysis that serves as reference for the researcher’s completion of study. It has extended the proponent’s knowledge in relation to the subject of this study which serves as a reference and foundation to the development of the proposed system where information was gathered from different books, online publications to support and better improve the ideas of the proponents to better understand the technical analysis and the system’s concept and design.

Foreign Literature

McLeod (2008) in his article entitled “Management Information System” strained that Management Information System is used to convince the general information requirements of all managers in the firm or in several organizational firms. Also he added that every business needs precise, absolute and well-timed information to make decisions and survive in today’s competitive business environment – in the areas of planning, organizing, staffing, supervising, and controlling business activities in the departments of marketing, accounting and finance, production and research development.

More so, Chen (2008) in his article entitled “Intelligent Data Warehousing: From Data Preparation to Data Mining”, pointed out that effective decision support systems (DSS)are quickly becoming key to businesses gaining a competitive advantage, and the extract information from data warehouses. While many still perceive data warehousing as a sub discipline of Management Information System (MIS), in fact many of its advances have and will continue to come from the computer science arena. Intelligent Data Warehousing presents the state of the art in data warehousing research and...
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