Management Information and Monitoring System and Timekeeping System

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Chapter I

Today, Information and Communication Technology is increasingly recognized as a key resource of the organization comparable in importance to human resources. It is considered extremely important for generating information in different field of sources. There is no denial that the present generation is one firmly ruled by the influence of Information Technology. Unlike several decades ago, the world today has come to a full realization of the fact that information technology is the foremost useful thing of the new generation. In the world of globalization, Information Technology has made possible new collections of data and new ways to access scientific information. Information Technology also has made possible new modes of communication among organizations, allowing them to collaborate more easily. Information Technology affects how research is conducted, how new products and processes are developed, and how technical information is communicated. In general, Information Technology is influencing technological innovation and advancement in society from the present to future generation. AKO BICOL (AKB) Party List is a government organization tasked to promote, encourage and support Bicolano people in their primary needs during the time of natural calamity and other form of difficulties. One of their agenda is the Scholarship Program; it is open to qualified College Students enrolled in any school within the Bicol Region whether such school is privately owned or public. Their goal is to extend financial assistance to poor, talented and deserving College students in the Bicol Region through scholarship grant, and to confer scholarship grant to students in order to assist them attain their goal and aspiration.

Management Information System is a system or process that provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. A system for gathering financial, production, and other information that managers need to operate a business, especially a system that is computerize. It is also known as the Information System, the Information and Decision System, the Computer-based Information System. The information it generates are generally considered essential components of prudent and reasonable business decision. [1]

Timekeeping System is a Time and Attendance System that process and collects actual time entered by scholars on the job training. The data is later transferred to the Scholars Management Information and Monitoring System where scholars are being monitored by the Head of Scholarship Program.

From the past up to this present moment, the existing systems of AKO Bicol was a bit arduous since the type of system they are using is a paper based type of system process and Excel type of storing, monitoring and archiving system software. Due to the existing problem of using the traditional method, the researcher decided to analyze the existing system process of AKB Scholarship Program and conduct a study to improve the current system they are using.

The Scholars Management Information and Monitoring System and Timekeeping System for On The Job Training is designed to provide the AKO Bicol Party List Scholarship Program the information which is exceptional in attributes to catch all such points and reports to provide a measure of comparison with the actual performance. It concentrates on the quality of input. It ensures that the input satisfied the parameters, such as impartiality, validity, reliability, consistency and accuracy. This is imperatives for ensuring the quality of outputs for effective and efficient information.

The system has numerous benefits to offer to AKO Bicol Scholarship Program for them to increase the effectiveness of their sufficient workflow and time lines. This system can minimized information overload and easier control for evaluating and improving performance of every scholarship grantee of AKO Bicol Party List. Aside from...
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