Management Info Systems

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Management Info Systems
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Management: Carrying out managerial functions to achieve a common goal Functions of Management:
1) Leading
2) Organizing
3) Planning
4) Controlling
Facts: Data: Facts about objects and events (color, weight, size, length, ect) measured by our senses or instruments. Information: Processed data: Methods of data processing:
1) Simple operations such as counting, sorting, categorizing, ect
2) Math/ Stat operations such as averages, sums, Std Dev, formulas, ect.
3) Visualizing operations such as charts, graphs, tables, ect. Knowledge: Information combined with experiences and expertise
Systems: Parts working and interacting together to achieve a common goal Heating system: boiler, pipes, water Organization: accounting, marketing, finance, operations
Information Systems: A system to process data to get useful and meaningful information. Information system components:
1) Hardware
2) Software
3) Data
4) Procedures
5) People
Management Information Systems: An information system to help managers do their daily business and make better decisions to achieve business goals Business Processes:
Process: A set of activities carried out to convert inputs into outputs.
Insurance Claims Processing activities
1) Take the next claim,
2) Validate ID
3) Validate amounts claimed
4) Validate bills with service provider
5) Approve the claim if all validations are good. Otherwise, reject.

Input: Claim Forms Claim processing activities Output: claim form with approve or reject decision Business process should be provided with the right information to the right person at the right time, so that it can run smoothly. Databases are used to store and get data in an organized fashion for business processes. Flow chart: only arrow box diamond and circle

Introduction to Microsoft Access:
It is a Database Management System (DBMS)
Database: Organized collection of data
There are different types of databases but the most

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