Management in Organization

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MPIO 2010 -2

Course Outline:
The following are the main themes of the course
Reframing Organizations from a multi perspective;
Understanding Structure
Appreciating Culture and commitment
Engaging, enabling and empowering employees (Modern motivation approaches) Leadership
Change Management
HRM general
HRM and managing strategically
Recruitment and selection
Performance Management
Development, Talent and career management
The purpose of this unit is to facilitate students in taking a reflective look at organisations:

How do they function and why?

What sort of problems do they face, why, and how do they cope with them? How do they influence individual behaviour and vice versa?

Organisational Behaviour (OB) is the academic corpus of knowledge that has been produced by social scientists investigating the preceding questions. These areas of study are integrated in the Managing People unit.

Specifically, OB is concerned with the study of human behaviour (both at the individual and group level):within formal organisations, and the study of the behaviour of organisations as distinctive social entities.

Human Resource Management: (HRM) is the study of professional and strategic practices. HRM is concerned with the guiding philosophy of employment in an organisation and practices such as recruitment, performance management, development and reward.


The aims of the unit are to provide you with a repertoire of concepts, which will enhance your understanding of organisational events and processes so that you can make judgements about your behaviour, and that of others, and can seek to influence organisational phenomena effectively. In addition, the purpose is to provide an understanding of modern organisations in terms of the management of people, the strategies and processes of HRM, and to provide the basis for a critical review of HRM systems and techniques.

In short, the aim is to facilitate students in developing the knowledge about OB/HRM that general managers need when working in current business/ organisational situations. The unit is based around three central and interrelated themes affecting OB and HRM:

1 The impact of information and communications technology on work and work organisations;

2 The emerging organisational forms, a combination of flatter, simpler and more flexible organisational structures;

3 The changing nature of the employment relationship.


During the unit, the objectives are to:

•discuss the different ways of understanding organisations and show how a multiplicity of perspectives can be used to make managerial action effective

•suggest concepts, frameworks and models for understanding organisational phenomena at the level of the individual, the group, and the organisation.

•facilitate participants in reflective thinking which, while it guides you towards specific actions

with respect to particular organisational problems, also stimulates a critical dissection of organisational reality

•stimulate reflective action, and participants will be encouraged to explore ways as to how this can be achieved in organisational contexts

•develop an understanding of the impact of people management on organizational performance

• stimulate critical reflection on techniques of HRM.

Skills Outcomes

By the end of the unit, participants should be able to:

• apply suitable models and frameworks to the analysis of social situations and problems at the level of the individual, group and organisation

• be aware of the potential impacts of various forms of interaction

• assess how to go about intervening in a social situation

• make reflective judgements about the management of others

• make decisions about the appropriate use of HRM techniques

• evaluate and enact recruitment and selection of employees

• participate in performance management and training and development

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