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Management and Leadership skills, when holding parents evening in an early years setting
For the purpose of this work I will focus my attention on management and leadership skills, that any good early years practitioner should possess in order to organise/hold the event of parents evening.
Working in partnership with parents
Constructive working relationships between teachers and parents can enhance adults knowledge and understanding of children and children’s learning opportunities, and so contribute to children’s learning and wellbeing at home and in the setting. Children who see their parents working closely together with their teachers “gain a sense of continuity and of being cared for” and experience a “trusting and secure environment in which they can learn and grow” (Whalley & the Pen Green Centre Team, 2001).

Bronfenbrenner’s (1979) ecological model of human development offers a theoretical rationale for teachers and parents working in close collaboration.
Purpose and outcome Early childhood practitioners are often reluctant to see themselves as leaders and managers. However, all those who work with young children and their families, whatever their level of experience and competence, have to undertake both of these roles on a daily basis. Parents evening is the perfect example of these two roles “played” by the same person.

This is one of the best opportunities I have as practitioner in building relations with the parents. Why? Because if the parents are in agreement with my methods of practice/teaching, I’ve brought learning home.

Researching Effective Pedagogy in the Early Years (Siraj-Blatchford, Sylva, Muttock, Gilden, & Bell, 2002), found that children’s cognitive attainment benefited when parents were involved in children’s learning activities at home.

Again the reformed EYFS(2012) has set out to raise the bar of just how influential parents’ role is in their child’s learning and development.

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