Management Guru Peter F. Drucker

Topics: Peter Drucker, Management, Management by objectives Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: September 9, 2008
Management Guru Peter F. Drucker
There are a lot of people who has inspired me. My parents, my teachers, my friends, my colleagues, people that I know in my daily life and work, and even people that I have never seen, they have different merits, charms and charismata and are always spurring me to learn from them. Here I want to talk about a great thinker, writer, teacher and consultant, Peter F. Drucker. Even he always calls himself a bystander, Mr. Drucker is considered as “the father of modern management” and “Guru's Guru”, who has published over 30 books such as The Practice of Management, The Effective Executive, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities and Practices ,The Essential Drucker and so on. Although I have only read two of his books, his sagacity, profound knowledge, common touch and being practice-oriented captivates me:  If you had ever read Mr. Ducker’s books, you should be impressed by his sagacity. He has the ability to see through the appearance and perceive the essence. He shows a knack for identifying sea changes in business and economics years in advance. He foresaw the emergence of a new type of worker whose occupation would be based on knowledge… No doubt Mr. Drucker has profound knowledge. He studies a new subject every two or three years, which covers economics, psychics, math, politics, history and so forth. In his books, you will not be surprised when he uses well-documented and extensive evidence to prove his principles. In spite of being regarded as the most enduring management thinker of our time, Mr. Drucker has a common touch. He is a master of management, but his ability to explain his principles in plain language makes himself as a friend to his readers. Mr. Drucker is practice-oriented. As he says: “Management is practice rather than science.”
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