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Topics: Hungry Jack's, Jack Cowin, Competitive Foods Australia Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Hungry Jacks (2000-2500 words)
What does the term organizational environment mean? How do you think each of the internal and external environments affect organization? Relate your answer to the small business entities being operated during class sessions. ( In the discussion we need to include a critical analysis skill ie explain influence or impact on organization ) Introduction: This report will show the different environmental aspects that affects my chosen organization’s operation. Executive Summary/Abstract:

Hungry Jacks forms as the Australian Fast Food Franchise of Burger King. It is a sole subordinate of Competitive Foods Australia which is owned by Jack Cowin. All the Burger King/ Hungry Jack’s restaurants that exist in Australia are owned and managed by this organization Hungry Jacks. This company is greatly known for licensing new operators, opening new stores and performing standards far better than the franchised locations in the country. Hungry Jacks is the second largest franchise of Burger King as over 300 locations exist across Australia. Introduction:

This report will analyse the external and internal environmental factors that greatly impact the organization while studying the techniques undertaken that manage all relevant elements. The mega environment will compose of the economic, Political, Technological and Socio Cultural elements. The task environment will compose of consumers and clients, competitors, suppliers, labour supply and government agencies. The internal environment will explain about the marketing intermediaries, physical distribution, leadership style and mission statement in Hungry Jack’s. Burger King Corporation’s first Australian franchise was established in Innaloo. Perth on 18 April 1971, under endorsement of Cowin's new company Hungry Jack's Pty, Limited. After 10 years, Hungry Jack's expanded to 26 stores in three states. In October 1981, the company opened its first New South Wales store in Sydney's CBD on the...
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