Management Functions

Topics: Management, Organization, Best Buy Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: August 16, 2013
20 April 2013
Rebecca Fuller

How Your Managers Can Contribute to Organisational Performance The ‘Four Management’ Functions

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1.0 Introduction Pg. 2
2.0 Management Functions Pg. 3
3.0 Example 1 – RedBalloonPg. 4
4.0 Example 2 – Best Buys Pg. 5
5.0 Conclusion Pg. 6
6.0 BibliographyPg. 7

* 1.0 Introduction

This report attempts to evaluate the ways in which managers can contribute to organisational performance. It uses the works of Henri Fayol and the ‘four management functions’ and considers how two companies; RedBalloon and Best Buys may use these in their organisation. The Oxford Dictionary (2013) defines a 'Manager' as a person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff.

* 2.0 Management Functions

It is the suggestion of Henri Fayol that managers perform an array of functions as they oversee and direct people in their work place, therefore he came up with the 'functions approach' in the early part of the twentieth century (Robbins et al., 2012, p.8). The 'functions approach' he proposed originally consisted of five management activities which has since been reduced to four management functions; planning, organising, leading and controlling (Robbins et al. 2012, p.8). These management functions all tie in together almost like a step by step process. Planning consists of planning and defining goals, strategies, and coordination of daily activities which then leads into organising. Organising consists of then arranging and structuring work, achieving the organisations targets and goals, determining who will do what and how, who will be in charge etc; which then requires the actions from the leading function which entails directing and coordinating tasks, motivating employees to meet the set targets, resolving any conflicts that may arise and communicating effectively with the employees. By completing the above three...

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