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Time management for the adult learner

Daven Conrod

COLL 100

American Public University
Lisa Glass

Time management for the adult learner

Time management for the adult learner is important when going to college. In most cases the adult learner is seeking a better way of living and has invested their life and lively hood on going back to school. As an adult learner, it is very important to get a good education. It is also important to manage time wisely and effectively. Therefore, this paper will address the issues faces by many adult learners such as financial stability, making time for studying, ways to be successful, and spending time with family.
Financial stability is very important, so getting a college education is important. With that being said, it helps for adult learner to use the time given for school wisely. Meaning with a good education and a good paying job, the challenges faced with good back to school and juggling a career will help create a better financial solution. Also, the rewards of time management outweigh the need to slack when it comes to making the best of the college experience.
One of the rewards, as stated above, is having a financial stability, another, may be earning a degree.
Therefore, selecting the right college is essential for developing good time management skills. If a student attends a college close to home, it may be less stressful than one located in anther states. So adult learners, also call nontraditional students, may be surprise by what some colleges are willing to offer. For instances, a fast track program may help those students who are ready to earn a living. (Stevens, 2009)
Managing time for the adult learner can be difficult depending on the situation. For example, the adult learner can make the best of the time by planning ahead which would provide a flexible schedule. A flexible schedule can be somewhat easy if the student develop a schedule such as a calendar or carry a date book.

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