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Leadership Essay (Assignment 1)

Xinyu (Jason) Wu


Since the revolution of business management from last century, there is various leadership style created to suit different environment of organization and for better performance. Introduction and support opinions including examples of transformational leadership is given, which is the preferred leadership style in this paper. Secondly, two industries with their perfect match leadership style are expounded to give a better understanding of different leadership styles. Furthermore, traits, skills and attitudes for being a good leadership are written. Finally, this assignment tells some professional developments and network opportunities and how they work through business which is useful for each business leader.

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership style is preferred in this essay as it has several advantages for an organization. Transformational leadership is a process of building commitment to organizational objectives and then empowering followers to complete those objectives. Through its definition, it shows that transformational leaders boost the business towards the best interest and organizational objectives. Leaders in this style set long term goals and make decision based on overall direction of the business. They concentrate on what to do instead of how to achieve it.

Secondly, transformational leaders are said to engender admiration, loyalty and respect amongst their followers (Barbuto, 2005, p. 28). Transformational leaders perform very well on motivating their followers. They promote capacity development and bring higher levels of personal commitment among their followers to organizational objectives. By empowering others and inform people on everything relevant, employees’ responsibility will be built as well as the feeling of self-confidence. When followers believe that they are treated important for the company, their passion and motivation will drive them to work.

Thirdly, as the character of informing people, transformational leaders always trust their followers. Employees of transformational leaders feel peaceful and warm in this working environment which leads a better result of working programs. Since this strong relationship exists between employer and employees, the work may become more efficiency and productivity and it is expected for good ideas from employees to come up.

In addition, Transformational leaders elevate people from low levels of need which focused on survival based on Maslow’s hierarchy, to higher levels (Kelly, 2003). They typically help followers satisfy as many of their individual human needs as possible, this may also motivate followers to transcend their own interests for some other collective purpose.

Two types of industries

Transformational Leadership--Hospitality Industry
According to Bass (1990b, p. 21) transformational leadership “occurs when leaders broaden and elevate the interests of their employees, when they generate awareness and acceptance of the purposes and mission of the group, and when they stir employees to look beyond their own self-interest for the good of the group.”

Transformational leadership style is beneficial for hospitality industry. Hospitality is an industry of providing services like accommodation, restaurant, theme park, transportation, and event planning. The goal of units in this industry is to maximize the number of customers they process.

Firstly, Transformational leaders are good at informing and encouraging people for a common objective. Usually there are large amounts of employees working within every single hospitality unit. For example, there are a range of people such as chefs, securities, reception people, room service people, and other managers in a hotel, each one of them work individually in their task. Transformational leaders will lead them to a common goal which is to make customers feel comfortable during...
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