management development

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Management development
Management development is related to the development and growth of the employees in an organisation through a systematic process. This development is future-oriented and prepares managers for a career of valuable contribution to the organisation. Objectives of Management development:

Improving the performance of the managers.
Enabling the senior managers to have an overall perspective about the organisation and also equipping them with the necessary skills to handle various situations. Management Development Methods:

On-the-job development methods
Off-the-job development methods
On-the-job development methods:
a)Coaching – Coaching involves one manager playing an active role in guiding another manager. The coach/trainer teaches the trainee rectifies his mistakes. b)Job rotation – Job rotations play an important role in developing the skill set of a manager. c)Understudy assignments – In this method, a senior manager selects and trains a trainee manager from among his/her subordinates, who at a future time will be capable of handling the senior manager’s responsibilities. d)Multiple management – This technique enables junior managers to participate in board and committee meetings, which are normally attended only by senior and top level managers. Off-the-job development methods:

a)Simulation exercises – The popularly used simulation exercises are: •Case study: In this method, trainees study, analyse and discuss the case, identify the hidden problem and try to get an appropriate solution. •Business games: In this method, the trainees are divided into different groups and teams. They play the roles of competing firms in a simulated market. •Role play: In this method, participants enact roles to solve problems that are common in real life. •Incidental method: This method aims to develop the intellectual ability, practical judgment and social awareness of the employees. •In basket method: In this method, the trainee...
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