Management Control System: Budget Preparation

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Management Control System Assignment

“Budgeting Preparation”

* Budget Preparation
Budget preparation is a summary of company's plans that sets specific targets for sales, production, distribution and financing activities. It generally culminates in a cash budget, a budgeted income statement, and a budgeted balance sheet. In short, this budget represents a comprehensive expression of management's plans for future and how these plans are to be accomplished. It usually consists of a number of separate but interdependent budgets. One budget may be necessary before the other can be initiated. More one budget estimate effects other budget estimates because the figures of one budget is usually used in the preparation of other budget. This is the reason why these budgets are called interdependent budgets.

* Gudeline of Budget Preparation
Operating Budgets
An operating budget is a statement that presents the financial plan for each responsibility centre during the budget period and reflects operating activities involving revenues and expenses. The most common types of operating budgets are expense, revenue, and profit budgets

Expense Budget
An expense budget is an operating budget that documents expected expenses during the budget period. Three different kinds of expenses normally are evaluated in the expense budget -fixed, variable and discretionary (Discretionary expenses - costs that depend on managerial judgment because they cannot be determined with certainty, for example: legal fees, accounting fees and R&D expenses).

Revenue Budget
A revenue budget identifies the revenues required by the organization. It is a budget that projects future sales.

Profit Budget
A profit budget combines both expense and revenue budgets into one statement to show gross and net profits. Profit budgets are used to make final resource allocation, check on the adequacy of expense budgets relative to anticipated revenues, control activities across units,...
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