Management Communications with Technology Tools

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Analyzing Management Communication in the Military
BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Tools
February 17, 2014

Analyzing Management Communication in the Military
In order to achieve the nation’s military objectives and victory during conflict, military commanders have to be effective leaders. Their primary mission and concern should be to achieve the military’s goal of defeating the enemy in combat while upholding US policies. Military leaders are very different breed when compared to other types of organizations.

Their authority to lead others derives from the US Constitution, and if he or she cannot pull their followers by force of character, they can push them by force of law. Military leaders who chose to lead by force of law are traditional leaders, firm and very strict. Communication can be sometimes a very difficult skill to achieve in a workplace especially if there are different personalities, ideas, backgrounds, etc. Personally, trying to communicate my ideas has been an issue since English is a second language for me; it is expect of me to be able to communicate in writing and to speak in front of people whenever I’m ask to do so. Analyzing my personal communication skills was something that I always wanted to do, but I was afraid to see the results. It was interesting to see many sites that offer different ways to analyze a communication skill. After going through some sites, finally two caught my attention. The first analysis was from and the other from Both analysis were easy to follow and not difficult to answer; the results were interesting and educational. The scored for the first analysis was between 36 and 55; according to the score interpretation, “… capable communicator, but sometimes experience communication problems...” The second analysis had more details and the results were accurate. There are different gaps that I must improve in order to be able to communicate better. The first one and probably the most important, is my writing skills. I can have the idea and words in my head but it is hard to put them in writing, probably that is the reason that I prefer visual presentations. Another gap is the language barrier; my accent gets bad, especially when I am nervous. There are times that I have difficulty interpreting other people’s messages, which is bad for a person in my position. These are some of the things that my personal communication needs improvement. The military expects so much from a leader, and not being able to communicate with others has been an issue for me, too many people misinterpret my words. Many books provide information on effective communication; however, someone requires more than books to improve his/her communication skills. One thing that the military provides different leadership courses in order to continue to advance in our ranks. For example, The Airmen Leadership School (ALS) is a course where every student has an extensive training on communication; once they graduate, all students will be, qualify to become a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). For me ALS was helpful, but I still struggle on my writing skills; probably more reading and writing will help me improve. The results of the analysis that I took, helped me to see the improvements that I required in order to advance on my career goal (s). Because of my accent, there are times that people misunderstands the tone of my voice, that is something that I must definitely work on improving, especially if is a face-to-face communication. One of the things that require a lot improvement is my writing skills, I do need to take more attention and be more careful with my grammar; I think I do have to be more confident about myself and I should be able to accept constructive criticism from my peers. The military have different barriers of communication; a person must learn how to adapt, not only with the difference...

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