Management Communications Essay

Topics: Kraft Foods, Kroger, Radio shack Pages: 6 (2147 words) Published: June 24, 2012
CASE 5-3Radio Shack Corporation: You’ve Got Mail!
The turn of events in Radio Shack’s organization is undoubtedly overwhelming and somewhat harsh; however, much of the madness could’ve been avoided with the help of a communications consultant. This company obviously needed someone to oversee the newsletters or announcements going out to employees. With a communications consultant in toe, he or she could have formulated a better plan, making the turnaround plan clear to all employees. The results would’ve been more positive because employees would not have been confused about the layoffs. They would have known that, even though they have helped make the turnaround program possible, termination was still a part of it.

Blame for such horrible miscommunication lies with the CEO, all of management, and the board of directors. I’m not exactly sure what type of action can be taken against them but I strongly advise that they take a class on how to develop a strategy memo. Not making the turnaround program easy to understand was Radio Shack’s first mistake, but by having a well drafted strategy memo employees would have seen both the good and bad coming on the horizon, instead of being blind-sighted. Furthermore, any of those blamed earlier could have decided on a different way of informing employees of their termination. If the CEO, team managers, or board of directors really believed in their company claim on their company website as their employees do, they would have realized that a face to face meeting is best in this situation.

Unfortunately, Radio Shack has encountered some negative publicity due to their decision on how to relay delicate information. The next step is for the company to issue a statement apologizing to all who were affected by the insensitivity of the corporation. Next they should review its communications processes and make the necessary changes because at the moment their public claim involving their communication techniques don’t ring true.

In the end, as all the critical issues unfold it is clear to see that there are a few stakeholders whose fate rests upon how well Radio Shack can bounce back from the mess they have made. Included on the list of stakeholders are the CEO, Radio Shack, and the shareholders. They all have a lot to lose here. The CEO could lose his position for handling this transition so poorly. Shareholders could lose even more money as consumers are turned off by the thoughtless act of the company. As for Radio Shack, the employee moral will surely decrease as will the possibility to recruiting good employees in the future.

Out of the issues previously stated, the first to address would be employee moral because if your remaining employees have no faith in the system you put in place then the ship will sink. The next issue to address is the breakdown in communication Radio Shack would more than likely avoid this type of situation by making their press releases and reports understandable for anyone who reads it. *Information Strategy

CASE 4-1A Last Minute Change at Old Dominion Trust
I would have had to decline Mr. Lorigan’s request to give a speech at the neighborhood meeting on the housing program because I would not feel comfortable speaking to an audience about a program I don’t have full ownership of. A decision like this should not be made unless I know all the facts needed, such as, audience type, location layout, and speaking situation, to make this speech a success. It’s somewhat of a catch 22 on whether or not it would be a good idea for me to agree to giving the speech. If I say yes then I open myself up to the possibility of not having all the information needed to please my audience and resulting in them leaving with unanswered questions. On the other hand, this speech may be what is needed to obtain the cooperation of local and state officials and by not speaking any opportunity of success could be lost.

Before agreeing to...
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