Management Challenges in Criminal Justice

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The criminal justice arena is made up of law enforcement, courts, and corrections and is vast as well as it is its own environment when referencing the leading or management of special groups. Numerous components within the criminal justice realm require team cooperation to be successful. In the law enforcement branch organized special groups such as Multi-agency gang and drug tasks forces, SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), CSI Crime Scene Investigation), and fugitive recovery units made up of cooperative entities of different agencies make up some of the organized teams of the law enforcement side of the criminal justice system. Courts are composed of prosecution teams, some of which specialize in specified criminal cases. Corrections are comprised of management that stresses both rehabilitation and incarceration as ordered by the courts. All of these organizations are composed of personnel trained as basic officers, then were chosen to be a part of a smaller, elite, and pinpointed organized group. Management in a criminal justice agencies is a challenge all its own, managing smaller groups that carry specified responsibility within an organization carry different set of challenges.

The criminal justice system is an environment that consists of law enforcement, courts, and corrections, though all are different entities, they strive to meet the same goal. The leadership within each of these entities has many challenges to face and conquer, one of which is that each has a different protocol when meeting the same goal of serving justice, yet each must accomplish this mission by different means. The challenge is the means by which each of the different branches is tasked to prove and execute their judiciary authority while maintaining a freedom of society. Legislation and courts place law enforcement at the forefront of detainment for a crime, which then puts the courts in motion. One challenge that is faced by management within the criminal justice system lies between the courts and the correctional branches. The challenge between the courts and correctional branches is the court system favors incarceration and the correctional system emphasizes rehabilitation back to society. The common ground between these two branches is the teamwork between leadership that ensures the mission of each is completed and without out compromise of societies trust in the criminal justice system. Another challenge that management within such a vast system faces is budget shortages. These shortages affect all branches of the criminal justice system as well all levels including local, state, and federal authorities. Over the past several years most states have decreased funding as much as 15% as well half the states in the union have either delayed in filling judgeships or not filled them at all, thus forcing judges to sit on multiple bench roles, while other states were forced to lay off staff or take furlough (Associated Press, 2010). Management within these organizations is expected by society to provide adequate protection though their operating budgets are being decreased. Managers must find a motivation for their employees to complete tasks without incentive or praise while increasing responsibilities due to lack of potential man-power.

Challenges such as ethnic environmental changes around the globe also have an effect on the criminal justice system both in this country and abroad. These changes brought about situations that the criminal justice system was not prepared for; at the top of this concern is terrorism. The first World Trade Center raised concerns...

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