Management by Values

Topics: Management, Leadership, Managerial grid model Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Management by Values
Values – comprise the things that are important to us.
Asianizing’ Western Management
Management in Asian Content
1. Tools of management remain the same.
2. Economic and business philosophy and paradigms are, however, different. 3. In search of management science and art suited to Asian condition, the following elements must somehow be combined. a. General management techniques

b. Sectoral specialization
c. Communal organization and management
Business Management the Asian Way
1. Business tend to be small scale
2. Fatalistic belief in the close relationship between man and nature 3. Time has no beginning and end
4. Individualism is less relevant
5. Conformity to sociality
6. Oriental management rely less on interpersonal confrontations. 7. Managerial decisions consider effects on other people more often than in Western companies. 8. Control of performance is less formal

Values of Business Owners and Managers
1. Economic Values
2. Political Values
3. Social Values
4. Theoretical Values
5. Aesthetic Values
6. Religious Values
Predominant Philippine Values
1. Social acceptance
2. Economic security
3. Social mobility
Management Filipino Style
1. Manager “by kayod’
2. Manager “by lusot”
3. Manager “by libro”
4. Manager “by oido”
5. Manager “by ugnayan”
Managing and Leadership
There is a difference between a leader and a manager.
Leader – is measured by how influence he has in stimulating people to strive towards an objective. Manager- is measured by how much he has attained an objective using not only human resources but nonhuman resources. Leader’s Style

1. Employee-centered – emphasizes concern over the welfare, harmony, well-being, and sensitivity to the needs of employees and subordinates. 2. Job-centered – is more concerned with completing the job scheduled or as specified to proper planning and application of...
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