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Marketing Analysis of
GSN 408 Marketing Management 1

The Team
Ali Tejani # 03119386
Christopher Pangestu # 04255682
Thanapong Sirirat Usdorn # 03122204

Lecturer: Associate Professor Susan Dann
Submission Date: Wednesday 19th Dec 2001
Word Count: 3054

Queensland University of Technology - MBA

Table of Content

1.Company Overview1

2.Environment Scan2
2.1.Micro Environment
2.2.Macro Environment
2.3.Environmental Scanner

3.Market Segmentation4

4.Market Positioning Strategy7
4.1.Preparing the Positioning Strategy
4.2.Gits-Food instant product position to several variables

5.Market Research.9
5.1.Monitoring for Marketing Problem
5.2.Design methodology

6.Customer Buying Trends11
6.1.Key Aspects of customer buying behaviour (Customer Trends) 6.2.Factors influencing customer-buying behaviour


1.Company Overview
Started as a small family enterprise by H.Z. Gilani and A.K.Tejani in 1963 Gits-Food Corporation produces and supplies ethnic Indian cuisine for the world. The products include assortments of popular ready to cook instant food. Gits-Food¡¦s mission is being ¡§committed towards providing ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction, by offering the highest quality in its products and services¡¨ (2001, This mission originated when partners H.Z. Gilani and A.K. Tejani created Gits-Food Corporation in India. Presently, Gits-Food thrives on its ability to produce cost effective foods for the world. Gits-Food¡¦ corporate office at Bombay oversees its food production plant in Pune. Gits-Food is a growing company with an approximate annual turnover of $20 million AUD. The approximate retail value for a typical Gits food product is between $0.52 AUD to $2.72 AUD.

There are approximately 300 employees working for Gits-Food. Of these employees 25 of them are managers, 100 of them are plant workers and the rest are employed in management and office sectors. This workforce is responsible for overseeing the plant¡¦s production of 400 tons of Indian cuisine mix per year. (2001, e-mail DT: 9.12.01)

Gits-Food promotes its products both nationally and internationally. It has a strong product distribution network presently, which consist of depots and C & F agents in the major Indian states. There are 600 distributors located across India and a strong sales force providing the cutting edge in marketing. Gits-Food has developed a strong export market in the Middle East, U.K, USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Gits-Food has been successful in focusing on the Asian community living abroad and is currently broadening its target group to include non-Asians as well. Gits-Food is continuously putting in efforts to strengthen their marketing distribution network. Consumer satisfaction remains Gits-Food¡¦s hallmark as it ventures to new destinations ahead. (2001, 2.Environmental scan

General Environment
The country of India is an ever-changing dynamic environment .The political system and the economy in India is unreliable. ¡§These changes have an affect on the marketing management¡¦s ability to create and sustain the right type of marketing mix.¡¨ (J R McCOLL-Kennedy & G C Kiel 2000,p54)

2.1.Micro Environment

Weikfield group acts as a competitor at the national level .At the regional stage in southern India, it faces competition from M.T.R and M.K organizations. Local players in unorganized business sectors add an increased amount of competition for Gits-Food.

Agents appointed all over India act as representatives of the company and stock Gits-Food¡¦s products. These agents cater to about 450 to 500 distributors spread throughout 14 states of India. (2001, Gits also has appointed importers of ethnic foods worldwide....

References: „X Mc Coll-Kennedy, Janet R. and Kiel, Geoffrey C. (2000), Marketing: A Strategic Approach, Nelson: Melbourne
„X Neal, C. Quester, P. and Hawkins, D. (2000), Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing Strategy, McGraw-Hill: Sydney
„X Proctor, T. (2000), Essentials of Marketing Research, Prentice Hall: London
„X Interview and questionnaires by email and phone to Pune, India.
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