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Topics: Change management, The Postal Service, Mail Pages: 11 (3516 words) Published: June 23, 2013
1. Company’s Background 2-3 2. Contents
* Company’s practices/operations 4-5 * Relevant Principles and Concepts of Management 6-7 * Pros and Cons 8-10 3. Recommendation 11-12 4. Conclusion 13-14 5. References 15

Generally, Pos Malaysia is a post services company in which it was restructured in 1992 as it switches from Malaysian Postal Services Department or Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos Malaysia into a business corporation. Since there is some change in the structure and system of the company, Pos Malaysia Bhd tends to continues its services as providing mail services, logistics transportation, letter services, postal services, venture into parcel delivery, registrations, insurance service, transaction of money (postal order and money order) and investment of funds (Post Office Saving Bank). (Wikipedia) Basically, one of the services offered by Pos Malaysia is the postal service. It began to take over numerous services on behalf of the Government machineries such as collecting payment of electricity bill, sale of dog license, payment of pensions, sale of television license and others. In early 1800s, Pos Malaysia has traced back with the establishment of postal services which was firstly introduced in the Straits Settlement (Penang, Malacca and Singapore). In early 20th century, it has successfully covered the whole Malaya [ (Pos Malaysia) ] Besides providing postal services, Pos Malaysia also provide letters service that conveyed through dispatch riders or special messengers. Instead of postage stamps, fees were collected when letters were handed in at the Post Office. Then, a receipt is given when the letter is posted. With consequences of the letters services, the first inaugural definitive set of postage stamps was introduced in 1901. It is because the Indian stamps are overprinted with crown and the Straits' stamps are overprinted with dollars and cents; which were introduced in 1867. (Pos Malaysia) Basically, the nature business of Pos Malaysia is offering services and products that needed by the business is doing. Generally, Pos Malaysia has provided services such as PosMel, PosLaju and PosNiaga. PosMel is a product in which it focused on daily mailing services in both public and retail customers. However, PosLaju is is a kind of product which aims to be the preferred courier service among its foreign competitors. In addition, PosNiaga is a unit of responsible in heightening the accessibility of the national's postal services. (What does the 'nature of business' mean?)

All in all, Pos Malaysia Berhad improved their product and services in order to fulfill customer wants and needs. Even though Pos Malaysia Bhd is a stable and experienced company, but yet it need to keep changing in order to keep the competiveness in the market. Thus, managing organization changes is important for Pos Malaysia Bhd to make advance in terms of structures, system, workers, and the environment.

CONTENTS: Company’s Practices/ Operations
Changes in people
Employment practices, compensation system, promotional and managerial succession systems, and the entire concept of human resource management are also affected. The increasing diversity of the workforce in coming years will mean significant changes for organizations. In addition, employees are facing a different work environment in the twenty-first century. The most descriptive word for this new work environment is ‘change’. Employees must be prepared for constant change. Change...

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