Management Aspects

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Management Aspects

Company Mission and Vision

Master Prints is to provide a quality prints and designs that will bring customer a comfortable experience wearing unique designs, experiencing quality service and portrays the whole person uniqueness. As to provide customer with good relationship and excellent service and quality prints were they can create their own designs-prints-wear. Most especially, in delivering the true value and satisfaction and meeting customers delight.


“To provide a quality prints and lay-outs that may bring enjoyment, happiness and comfort to our customers.”


“To become a well known printing shop and will offer quality products and a profitable business by providing excellent service. Top the competitive printing in the market and expand the business outside regions.”

Marketing Aspect

* To be able promote the product in a good way that can penetrate to the market.

* To attract more customers within half month of its operation.

* To ensure that the advertisements will not only benefit the company but also to the customers that will buy and use the product.


* To increase business profitability.
* To increase profitability to a given period.


* To provide cost effective customer service
* To effectively promote the company’s vision mission to the employees to have job satisfaction and motivation

Financial Aspect

* To have a written records of the company business accounts.

* To be able to forecast the supply and demands of the products.

* To assure that the business is profitable and operational.

Forms of Ownership

In establishing our business, we choose to form partnership which is trading because our business organization formed with the objective of marketing merchandise we purchased or marketing of products we manufactured. Each of us contributed services, such as looking for place where to establish our business, canvass prices and conducting survey and interview to the people if our products will prosper. The business will be created by a contract of a partnership of five persons namely: Kriziah Marie Lauta, Pamela Ann Ysulan, Genelyn Cordova, Roselle del Rio and Gladys Jane Bacarro who agreed to contribute money to raise funds. Each will contribute Php 600,000 for a total capital of Php3,000,000. All agreed to have equal sharing in the division of profits resulting to 20% each among individuals. The business is a kind of general partnership in which all partners are liable for all debts beyond personal contributions. Partners will have mutual understanding and union in exercising authority. One of the partners is also part of business operations and will have designated positions, as a manager.

Organizational Structure
Sales Personnel

General Partners
Lay-out/ Graphic Designers
Technicians/ Equipment Operators

Store Manager

Job Descriptions

Store Manager

The manager is one who plans, supervise staff, and coordinates activities. S/he is the one who regulates policies and manage the daily operations by overseeing the people involved in the business.

Technicians/ Equipment Operators

Technicians/ equipment operators are the ones who operate printing equipment and are responsible for product printing. They make sure that right products are printed with corresponding designs accurately. They must also familiarize the equipments that their using an learn how to repair and maintain the stable conditions of the machine. They are also responsible for the shops maintenance and cleanliness. The management decides to have two operators

Lay-out/ Graphic Designers

The lay-out/ graphic designers usually make designs that involved working with customers on styles and trends, making rough designs drawing by hands or using a computer, making samples to present...
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