Management and Mitchell

Topics: Management, Leadership, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 26, 2010
Case 4
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* Carl Mitchell took a job offer in the branch office of General Products, Inc., multinational consumer products corporation at the British. * Two months later, Mitchell was miserable with his general manager – George Garrow. * Garrow is a uncritical thinking style by accept what his leaders’ idea. He make sure always by “keeping his nose clean” and not making errors, which he complete task by avoiding controversial and risky decisions. * Mitchell always been asked to provide more data which he think are irrelevant when manager cannot make decision. Cont’d

* Garrow seem terrified of departing from the status quo. * He measured progress by hours spent in the office, and expected all the staff will do same. * After 4 months, the branch business was slipping. Mitchell argue need implement new pricing and promotion strategies. * Mitchell was told be patience and maintain the old management style. Soon after, have two product managers quit. Q1: How would you evaluate Mitchell as a follower? Evaluate his courage and style. Answer:

* think for himselves and carry out assignments with energy and enthusiasm. * He committed to something outside his own self-interest. * He is carry effective follower style, which a critical, independent thinker and active in the organization. * He is participate willingly what he is being asked to do, but he do not try to avoid risk or conflict. * He keep ask Garrow for making change in organization, meanwhile also follow superior instruction to prepare long proposal and data. * Mitchell has the courage to serve. He can provide strength to his leader by supporting the leader’s decisions and by contributing to the organization in areas that complement the leader’s position. * So far, Mitchell experience provide 30 more pages of data, most of data are irrelevant. * spent weeks preparing graphs and charts,...
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