Management and Maintenance of Employees: A Slow but Competent Employee

Pages: 4 (938 words) Published: April 13, 2015
A Competent but Slow Employee
To work in management and maintenance of the employees can often be a difficult position. When having employees who are not productive, to help them becoming better in order to achieve all set goals depends on the direct supervisor. If there is an employee working so slowly that prevents the progress of his Department, then it is time to do something. “The practical application of emotional intelligence skills becomes a strategy for the development of the individual’s and organization’s ability to assess the impact and consequences of decisions, while simultaneously improving the quality and effectiveness of the decision making process”. (Hess & Bacigalupo, 2011, p.714). What would be a good plan to develop if been in Christie’s position? Set times. Employees sometimes are slow because they don't have the strict information regarding a desired termination date. It is important to inform all workers of a clear and direct manner about their expectations. When it is assigned a project, to be 100 percent sure that when the due date arrives, it will be done without leaving any uncertainty. Get the help of a reliable colleague and make sure that he spends sufficient time evaluating the way in which the employee works. It is necessary to ask the colleague to take notes regarding time management. The more is known about the employee, it will be easier to solve the problem. Communicate with Heather in private to discuss her concerns with respect to the slow way of performance, Offer her the deadlines of time to complete any task, for example, telling her that the average worker in the office takes 20 minutes to organize a while she takes 45 minutes to do it; Address any concerns about her working techniques. For example, if she spends too much time talking on the phone, to inform her that it is not acceptable. Reach concrete solutions to help her increase the productivity. For example, tell her that she cannot spend more than 15 minutes...

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