Management and Lofts Condominium Association

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2020 Lofts Condominium Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
July 27, 2011
The 2020 Lofts Condominium Association Board of Directors and membership held the annual meeting in the Community Room, 2020 12th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., on Wednesday July 27, 2011. Board President Cliff Burns presided. The following members of the Board of Directors were present: Cliff Burns, PresidentTom Buerger, Director at Large

Alicia Morris, TreasurerMike Waxer, Director at Large
Brad Howard, Director at Large
Also present was:

David Coyle, Community Manager, Legum and Norman, Inc.
Elgin Tyson, Property Manager, Legum and Norman, Inc.
Yanina Romova-Pineda Administrative Assistant, Legum and Norman, Inc.

Board President, Mr. Burns called the meeting to order at approximately 7:09 p.m.

A motion was made and seconded to dispense with the reading and approve the prior year’s annual meeting minutes as submitted. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Burns introduced nominees for the board and indicated that one of the nominees was not present (Maria). There were two self nominees: Stephen Churchill and Brad Howard.

ELECTION OF DIRECTORS (two (2) vacancies available)
A motion was made and seconded to elect the two candidates. The motion was unanimously approved. Mr. Stephen Churchill and Mr. Brad Howard will fill the two (2) vacant positions on the Board of Directors.

Treasurer’s Report – Ms. Morris gave the Treasurer’s report, and she noted that everyone should have received a copy of the budget for June 2011. It was noted that some individuals have received it and some have not. An updated report will be sent out soon. One of the tenants complained that it isn’t fair that the budget is approved before it is presented to the owners. Ms. Morris explained……according to the law, it is not a requirement to...
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