Management and Indian Culture

Topics: Management, The Culture, Peter Drucker Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: January 23, 2013
1. Evaluate the managerial style of Brian Moseley and explain how it fits with Indian culture. Be specific in identifying any mistakes Brian made in managing Indian workers. * Brian spoke with managers and employees, made mental notes of conversations (3 months) * Identified employees whom he felt should be replaced and whom had greatest potential for advancement * After 3 months, met with senior managers and proposed that they collectively formulate turnaround strategy * Suggested changes such as pay-for-performance programs, annual performance reviews, management by objectives, 360-performance appraisal program * Highly frustrated, he sometimes criticized members of managerial team in front of subordinates relationship with managers became increasingly strained * “Big Boss” manager who had little understanding of Indian culture * Rajan criticized Brian as being too direct and forceful “culturally imperialistic”, saying Brian was too immature, concerned that Brian was trying to change culture to fit American Management * His style of management was way too direct and forceful, didn’t fit with the Indian culture at all as they are more relaxed and laid back. * He made the mistake by trying to force it upon all the managers and if they didn’t give in, they should just quit, which they did. 2. Rank the following principals and justify the ranking in terms of responsibility for the lack of change at the Bindi Brake Company: Brian, Rajan, Aspen, the Indian Manager. * Brian – Although he was very excited to implement change, he didn’t implement the change according to the differences in cultures that India is accustomed to. He tried to hard to implement an American strategy rather than adapting to the culture surrounding him. * Indian Manager – I believe that hes the most responsible because people that work for the company look up to the manager, listens to the manager and will accept changes in the company if the manager asks...
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