Management and Decision Making

Topics: Management, Decision making, Organization Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Problem Statement
The problem in this case is the organizational arrangement lacks stable network interdependencies between administration and management departments causing conflict. Support
Baker, the director of Newcomer-Wilson hospital, is responsible for all organizations and the main decision maker. "In the past there has been a deliberate attempt at times to override the director but that was not achievable"…Centralized Decision Making •Nurses work seems to run smoothly until "outsiders" create confusion and frustration…Mechanistic Structure •Baker looks upon the extensive committee structure at the Trustee, Board of Governors and top medical staff level with mixed feelings. Everyone seems to have too many bosses…Tall Hierarchy •Patient "precaution" example with doctors and nurses in conflict...Intergroup Conflict Solution

The solution to this problem is to decentralize the decision making and re-establish roles and responsibilities for improved productivity through the organization. Solution Support
Baker has reviewed the committee structures and realizes on one hand they are the release valve for issues and keeps everybody informed and on the other they are slow-acting and reach few decisions only when Baker is involved…Organizational Effectiveness •Theoretically each nurse has an immediate supervisor (head nurse) but during a normal work period she may be involved in taking instructions from several different persons…Structural Contingency Factoring •Basic problems do arise, however seem to indicate the need for further improvement in the organizational arrangement and/or the administrative processes…Organization Structure •Organization decision decentralization along with a cross functional teams to improve relationships between doctors and nurses will create a effective organization Actions

Approve re-organization action plan to include a reporting structure with a flat hierarchy that drives capability in decision making – due...
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