Management and Common Health Issues

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Assessment Description
Research and identify three common health issues in the business workplace that can affect productivity. For each issue, outline some standard approaches, select a preferred option from each and present a report to senior management for approval.

Three common health issues that can affect productivity in the workplace 1. Depression
Depression in the workplace affects productivity as one in 5 employees is affected by depression at any one time leading to higher rates of absenteeism and presenteeism which causes three times less productivity than a healthy employee. Depression can affect employees productivity, judgement, ability to work with others, and overall job performance Strategies or standard approaches to address the issue of Depression in the Workplace Develop a positive environment that supports employees through management assistance Contact the relevant organisations to learn about depression Offer training and awareness programs to management / staff to understand the causes and effects of depression Implementation of EAP to offer support to employees with valuable assistance programs Prevalence

Around 45% of Australians between the ages of 18 and 85 will experience mental illness throughout their life, equalling one in five each year. This is a growing problem within the Australian workplace as the effects of stress related workers compensation due to depression related illness have doubled in recent years costing over 10 billion dollars each year 2.1million working Australians are suffering from mild to severe symptoms of depression with 21% experiencing mild symptoms of depression and nearly 7% with moderate to severe depression

2. Stress
Unbalanced job demand vs job control can cause employees to experience undue pressure & stress unrealistic expectations will demotivate employees. Strategies or standard approaches to address the issue of Work related Stress in the Workplace Matching...
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