Management Accounting

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Overall requirement
* Explain how management accounting can supply information to assist the management of the organisation. * You are not required to investigate and report on the organisation’s actual management accounting system (even if you can find out). * You are to write a 1500 word report as though you were a management consultant writing to the board of directors. * WE DO NOT WANT ANY NUMBERS UNLESS YOU CREATE THEM TO DEMONSTRATE AN IDEA * This is like assessment 1a – you are to imagine and create!

This is a report
* It has an introduction
* A main body (see the next slides)
* A conclusion

How your marks will build up
* Background to the organisation showing good reading of appropriate sources 25% * Review of the nature and role of management accounting 10% * An analysis of the organisation, showing its information needs, the management accounting techniques it might use and decisions it could then make.50% * The strengths and weaknesses of your analysis – for example the additional information you would have liked in order to improve your analysis.15%

Background to the organisation
* The reason for this is to introduce your organisation (briefly) and to show what a manager in this organisation will do. Later you will show how m.a. helps. * A manager will make decisions about the organisation’s products, processes etc. – therefore your introduction will cover this. * This introduction will reveal the kind of problems that your organisation faces and must overcome. * We do not want the history of the organisation and any information that you will not use later. * Choose your organisation carefully – one that you can understand. You need to be able to imagine the kinds of decisions that a manager might make.

Review of the nature and role of management accounting
* A definition (with reference)
* Some idea of what management accounting does and what it does...
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