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This paper aims to look at the relationship between leadership and the organizational innovativeness, and the organizational performance. The paper sampled ten managers of different hotel in the United Arab Emirates by survey questionnaires. Results have shown that leadership styles employed in an organization have a direct influence on the performance of the company.

In the modern day world, a number of companies consistently outperform other organizations with akin prospects and limitations. Even when provided with identical conditions, some companies have gone on pulling in profit while their rivals are scrambling to cope with the market requirements. A figure of genes could be applied to excuse the difference in company operations, although it is thought that a key element is the character of leadership inside the system. The techniques employed by leaders do play a significant role to enhance the endurance and prosperity of societies. Nevertheless, progress in endeavouring to understand how strategic leadership in organization works has been restrained by a contracted concentration on describing how leaders promote individual followers to practice more than they thought or meant to act. Encouraging members of staff are an important characteristic of leadership, but it is not enough to explain the financial operation of a corporation that has many leaders managing different departments. Another drawback of current prevalent theories is the hidden assumption that single case of leadership may be applicable to all systems. These notions fail to supply the guidance required by leaders when they are faced with novel challenges and varying market conditions. Research background

Hospitality industry and especially the hotels has been growing in precedented rate in the United Arab Emirates. The increasing numbers of tourists from round the globe travelling to the country has been increasing every year. As a outcome, the organizations within this industry demand to prepare the necessary strategies on how to exceed the customers demands and anticipations. It has been noted that internal capabilities promote competitive advantage and performance of an establishment. This inquiry proposes to await into the existing relationship between leadership styles and the organizational functioning in terms of innovation in the hotel sector in the United Arab Emirates. Literature review

The nature of leadership in many organizations has a direct impingement on the objectives of such companies which is profit maximization. Profit realization is the sole objectives of both private and public systems. Yukl (2002) has observed that continued search for competitive advantage can be supposed to be the main fundamental characteristics of leaders. He has noted that competitive advantage can be obtained from the framework set by the society as the guiding principles in its operations. This assists the company to strive to get to the set mission and vision in order to realize its aims. Still, the missions and visions cannot be attained if the company lacks a visionary leader who is able to transform it completely.

When a leader is focused on the needs of the subjects, he or she is regarded as an accountable individual. Employees for example, are the lynchpin of any governing body. As a consequence, it is important to make sure the citizenry at the help of its leadership pay much care to the demands of the employees. It has been observed that people are forced back by moral prerequisite, which is the need to defend a campaign. Finkelstein (2003) argues that employees would like to have a touch sensation that the leadership of the troupe is taking charge of their needs. He has noticed that employees tend to be creative and innovative in their...

References: Yukl, G. (2002). Leadership in organizations. New York: Prentice Hall.
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