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This paper will identify the Mintzberg roles on management, and associate them with an actual manager and will evaluate whether Mintzberg’s roles are relevant or not. The manager is female, managing an Australian based local organisation within the private sector. The company is in the service industry, based on horticulture / agriculture and employs over one hundred people. The manager is a middle manager managing a local branch of a national based horticulture company. Mintzbergs classifies management roles into three main areas; interpersonal which involved people; informational which involves receiving and collecting information; and decisional which involves making decisions for the organisation. (Robbins et el, 2006). The manager of this organisation mainly fits into interpersonal and informational roles, but has elements of Henri Fayol’s ideas of management. Most of the decisional roles are made at state level, which includes budgets and allocation of resources. Mintzberg’s roles will be associated with the manager interviewed, using the interview as evidence. It will be argued whether Mintzberg’s model has been useful with this manager’s role or not.

Mintzberg’s model of management is based on what managers do in their role within an organisation. There are ten main roles grouped within three main groups. These are interpersonal roles of figurehead, leader and liaising; informational roles of monitoring, disseminator and spokesperson; decisional roles of entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator. Fayol’s model has five main elements of planning, organising, commanding, coordinating and controlling supporting these elements are fourteen principles of management.

Mintzberg’s managerial roles are identifiable in the managers’ position for this company. As a leader the manager is there to help customers and other team members with both small inquires and complex inquiries, for she has a wide knowledge of the horticulture...
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