Topics: Management, Control theory, Feed-forward Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: April 25, 2014
“Control is a fundamental function and can be used to improve productivity.” Discuss.

Control is a fundamental function as it helps to monitor and measure organization performance. Ways to implement control before, during and after the aftivity is completed is by feedforward control, concurrent control and feedback control. Feedforward control prevents anticipated problems since it takes place in advance of actual activity. Example. Mcdonals sent company quality control experts to help Russian farmers to learn techniques for growing high quality potatoes and bakers to learn processes of baking high quality breads. It is to emphasis product quality no matter what geographical location. The key to feedforward controls, is taking managerial actions before a problems occur. Feed forwards control are desirable because they allow managers to prevent problems rather than having to correct them later after the damage.

Concurrent control. Is a type of control that takes place while a work activity is in progress. It is a best known form of direct supervision. Which is when managers being out in the work area, interacting directly with employees, they are using concurrent control. When they overseas actions of employees, the manager can monitor their actions and correct problems as they occur. Although there is some delay between the activity and the managers corrective response, the delay is monitor. Problems can be addressed before much resource waste or damage has been done. Many organization quality programs rely on concurrent controls to inform workers if their work output is of sufficient quality to meet standards.

Feedback control. Is a type of controls that takes place after a work activity is done. It gives manager with meaningful information on how effective their planning efforts were. Feedback that indicates little variance between standard and actual performance is evidence that the planning was generally on target. If the deviation is significant a...
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