Topics: Decision making, Flipism, Risk Pages: 4 (987 words) Published: April 2, 2009
Question 1

1. Is the decision facing Lew Calderone considered programmed or non-programmed?

Programmed decision making is a routine, almost automatic process. These decisions have been made so many times that managers do not need to readdress all the alternatives every time one of these decisions arises, but can use decision-making rules or guidelines that have been developed for these situations. Managers typically have all the information they need to create the rules necessary to make a decision. There is little ambiguity involved in these types of decisions. (Notes of Management)

Non-programmed decision making is required when a situation arises that is not easily resolved by a pre-existing rule or guideline. These decisions are non-routine, and require managers to respond to uncertainty, since managers in these situations lack the information that they need to develop rules that allow them to accurately predict the future. (Notes of Management)

In my conclusion, Lew Calderone considers as non-programmed decision as we can see that Lew Calderone could not identify what is Joey’s problem that cost him his job. As we can see that Joey’s situation is a non-routine and requires manager to respond to uncertainty. Lew Calderone have to look in,every angle before making any harsh decision that would effect Joey.

Question 2

2. How should Lew proceed to make the decision? Should he investigate the nature of the problem? Should he make a decision among the available alternatives?

Lew should proceed in his decision by looking into the administrative model proposes that although managers do not have access to all the information, they still must make a decision. This model more fully exposes the complexities involved of decision making by forcing us to consider the limitations we may face. Proponents of this model stresses that even if managers had access to all information needed, they would lack the mental or psychological ability...

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2. (
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