Topics: Management, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Scientific management Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Blossom Greene
1) One of Fayol’s 14 principles that are evident in this case is Discipline. The reason being is because to have discipline, there needs to be obedience and respect which as a result, will help an organization run smoothly. An example of this is when Ross was told that he to be a respected and good manager in his former business. Another principle would be remuneration. The reason being is because remuneration is when employees are paid fairly in accordance with their contribution and in this article, it not only displays that the employees were paid well but they were like a family because even when the company was shut down, they still found a way to work together and along with saving their retirement funds as well. Another principle that is shown here is equity. The reason being is because equity is a fairness that results from a combination of kindness and justice that will lead to devotion and a loyal service. The employees were clearly devoted here because after their company was shut down, they were still finishing up all of their unfinished projects together. Another principle that was also demonstrated here was unity of direction. The reason being is because unity of direction is when the efforts of everyone in the organization should be coordinated and focused in the same direction. This is shown here when Rich Auth and the Burger employees continued their business and Ross worked with Auth who determined their goals and wanted what was best for the company and its employees.

2) I believe Mary Parker Follett would approve of David Ross’s management style. The reason being is because Follett inspired employees and as a result, they all worked together like family. Ross does the same thing by making sure his employees are united and working together as a team.

3) David Ross is a theory Y manager. The reason being is because at first, the only reason he loved the Burger Boat business was because of the boats...

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