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Topics: Marketing, Management, Strategic management Pages: 8 (1815 words) Published: April 15, 2015
Assessment 1 Case Study
As a manger of 15 Houzit home ware stores which is successfully running in its second year. I am looking to develop a management plan for marketing information to monitor and review its progress for period of time in our organisation. As we are looking to cope with this advance online technology and growing market competition by providing standard home ware goods and service quality. We are also looking to increase our sale and revenue by finding the best solution or alternative by producing goods from resources that we get from local suppliers and outsider. We are also aiming to develop our online shopping facility and provide the goods information to customer. I also included delegation roles to individuals within the organisation and communication information. For this we need to develop a management plan for the marketing activities. Management plan may be,

Marketing activities: it is always so crucial for business to cope with the up to date marketing strategy and activities. It directly affects our business and key factor for success. Mostly we should consider on how we are keeping our public relation, magazine advertising and promotion of our business either online or in store. Basically, there are different types of customer who collects their product information. Most of them they collect information from online on web where they can see and compare product with others. There are few customer who don’t bother to do online shopping and trust. So these people prefer shopping in the store. Most of the busy people who don’t have time to visit stores wants to gather information on magazine and online. So it is important that we have facility of online shopping in reasonable price than our competitors. We should ensure we do magazine advertisement and keep good public relation with suppliers, customers and governing body. It is also important that we should manage to offer easy accessibility services to customer in store. Like labelling our product with price and keeping them in categories. Integration of organisational activities: The term integration plays vital role in business plan. It is the most key factor for consolidate the identity of organisation and our brand product which in other words says our identification. So there are different factors which directly affects our integration such as visual advertising links throughout, web address on all material, PR copy used in all mediums and key words throughout the products. Monitor progress: mostly people fail in business because lack of checking, updating and monitoring the implementation of plan and theirs upto date progress. Monitoring the product, distribution, pricing and marketing communication policies in relation to market changes, marketing plan, objectives and organisational requirement is always important to monitor and update to its needs. For example: change in price. We had priced our bathroom tube for $450 including fitting and delivery charge before 2 months. Our suppliers are running low on the raw product of tube and charge us extra money for product. Now it cost $530 for same product. Now it’s $80 in raise in product suddenly. In this scenario check our alternatives product from our suppliers. Chage price = new price - old price (530-450)

CP= 80.
Distribution and pricing: promoting or distributing or making the product available to the customer holds numbers of key procedures which directly influence the quality of services and product. So in this recent context most of the people are so busy that they can’t afford time for look around the things they needed. So basically they look on internet and compare the price and try to purchase the product. So it is important that we are facilitating our customer with on line retailing services. Basically, online information of product, price, delivery service, discounts policy in online shopping and more. Apart from that price of imports from suppliers, competitor’s...
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